State of Maharashtra

State of Maharashtra is one of the populous states in India. With its capital Mumbai as the main trade centre of India, it holds thirty-five districts. It has given several good political leaders for India. The culture and tradition of Maharashtra have taught its kids the moral and ethics of the work and responsibility they undertake. Maharashtra is present in the peninsular India extending her borders wide and deep toward the western coast of Arabian Sea. It covers the largest area of harbour where the major trade occurs. Hence, it is considered as one of the greatest trading centres of the world. Its name deciphers to give us a meaning that it is a great nation.

 Apart from being the most populous nation in the country, it is also the best financial yielding state ion the country. The trade and the industries present in Maharashtra have yielded the best foreign exchange for India. It is second largest in population and third largest in area. Marathas were long residing in this state and it was during the 17thcentury the Marathas ruled the region. The Maratha Empire was ruled by the famous historical figure Chhatrapati Shivaji. He rose against the Moghuls who ruled the state until then. Even after defeating the Moghuls to take hold of the state his action could not rest due to the constant resistance from Britain. This lead to the Anglo-Maratha war. After the British colonization, there was a long waged war between them and the Maratha, who were strong and never giving away their nation to the foreigner. They were sturdy in such a way that the Britain people feared to proceed.

The main reason that Britain wanted to conquer the state of Maharashtra is its wealth in the trade and commerce area. Apart from the trade and commerce, art works also attracted the British people in great amount and hence they felt that holding this state and the Mumbai city would be equal to holding the entire country. After independence, several areas were protected in Maharashtra. All the wild life sanctuaries earned great revenue apart from protecting the best species in the world. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Navegaon National Park and Pench National Park are some of the best national parks available in the world. It is well known that Mumbai is the primary point of finance in Maharashtra, and in Mumbai it is Nariman Point, that is famous for finance flow.


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