Why This Kolaveri Di Song Download

"Why This Kolaveri Di Song Download"
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why this kolaveri di song

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"Why This Kolaveri Di Song"

The song “why this kolaveri di” has made history as one of the most watched videos on YouTube. It has made more than 20 million hits and still going strong. The song has almost an anthem for the youth in India. This song has been such a huge success that people are demanding more of this song. The song makes it as one of the most desirable downloads to date surpassing songs such as “munni badnam hui” from the movie Dabangg. There is also a demand for downloadables such ring tones and regional versions of the song. It has made it into the top 5 mobile downloads with the likes of photos of Katrina Kaif. Rintones, female versions, regional versions, remixes; why this kolaveri is now a major hit and are being downloaded and there is a huge demand for downloads.

The reasons for a great demand for this song are that the song has simple lyrics and a great tune. The song has been a success that many are trying to understand why this music track is such a hit amongst the people of India. Interesting things about this song is that the song has been liked by not Just Tamil speakers but by people across India and beyond. Dhaush who wrote “why this kolaveri di” in 6 minutes and Anirudh who composed the song in just 20 minutes, have become overnight stars. Although, Dhanush was known in South India no one had heard of him in the north. This song of him has made him into a superstar so much so that Bollywood heavy weights such as Amitabh Bachchan has liked and tweeted his about his song. There is no surprise that people want to download this song be on their computers or their mobiles phones. The original version of why this kolaveri di.
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