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There is a saying, "Marriages are made in heaven” and it is the Marathi culture that makes it true for sure. The rituals followed in the Marathi wedding have their own importance to make sure that marriages are performed for the healthy living by both mind and body. Marriages in Maharashtra have always been special. They have been the most grandiose festivals in the state. The entire wealth earned over the years of a man would be to spend during his daughter’s marriage. There are a few things bound in the marriage rituals of Indians. All these together recognize the vital ritual to be the best for two hearts to meet.

Maharashtra is the third largest state in the world and it tops as one of the most populous country in the world. The colorful state has colorful customs celebrating the marriage between two. The entire state’s major populations are the people who speak Marathi and hence the entire state follows the same customs or the rituals. As already said, marriage is a religious event too and hence it happens before Idols of God.

Pre-Marriage ceremony:

1. Before even the marriage is fixed, the horoscope of the boy and girl should match to ensure that none of the celestial bodies interfere in their lives. It is considered essential for a lifelong well-being of the pair. It is estimated that at least 90% of the boy and girl horoscope should math each other. Even the discussions about marriage will not proceed further.

2. Once the horoscopes match, the two families exchange sugar and fruits to ensure a formal engagement. This event is called as the Sakhar Puda.

3. Wang Nischay is the formal engagement after the Sakhar Puda. Prayers and blessings are given from both the family to the bride and bridegroom.

4. Haldi Chadawat is another interesting event where the turmeric past with mango leaves soaked are smeared on the skin of the bride to ensure the wedding glow.

Marriage Ceremony:

1.      Every pooja in India starts with the Ganapathy Homam and this is performed on the day of marriage.

2.      Later welcoming bridegroom is a great event where people dance before his riot and he would come either in a chariot or in a big car attracting h entire mob. Once the groom reaches the marriage hall, the parents of the bride should wash his feet, give him gifts, and then welcome him to the stage.

3.      Gowri-har pooja is another pooja after the invitation to the groom. In between breakfast would be done and people would assemble for the main event.
After the Gowri-har pooja marriage is happily performed by the bride’s maternal uncle after all the ritual recitations are done.

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