Why this kolaveri di - Female Version

It has been approximately 2 weeks since Sony international (India) brought out the “why this Kolaveri di” song on YouTube. At the start, the song was like any other ordinary song with normal hits. However once it was shared by a few on social networking sites, it went viral on Facebook and twitter. Since folks love to share things with their friends there was no stopping. Today the song has reached 10 million views on YouTube and is still counting. Some say that the popularity of the track has to be attributed to the clever marketing technique applied by the music company; whatever the case maybe, the people of India seems to have liked the song very much.

Why this kolaveri di has been written and sung by Dhanush who is also the son-in-law of famous Tamil actor Rajnikant and the composer of the song is Anirudh. The original video released by Sony Entertainment shows the makers of the movie “Three” singing a rough version of the song in a studio. No one knows why the music became one of the most successful songs ever made by a region film industry. The song has even featured on MTV India and has played on major Indian radio stations across India. Many Indian celebrities have liked and commented on the song.

Many wannabe bands and solo artists have made their own versions of the Why this kolaveri di. Major social networking and video sharing sites are full of the copycat versions of the song. Although they may have copied the tune, it does take a lot of talent to copy or even plagiarize it. It’s not as if it’s a copy and paste job, since to make new song or even copy someone’s voice takes latent. One particular video that has done very well as far as remaking the music is concerned is by “Gidgdad” music. They have a Facebook page however their domain name redirects to a parked page. They have released an unofficial female version of the song.  

This unofficial Female version of the “why this kolaveri di” song has also become very popular among those who liked the original male version. No wonder the number of hits on YouTube has reached over 1 million. Although the female singer is unknown, she has done a very good job of singing the original Why this kolaveri di. The female shown in the video too has made a very good attempt to mimic exactly what Dhanush did in the original video. Surprisingly the facial expressions have been kept intact. In addition, it is not known if the female actor is the original singer or not. The musicians in the video are slightly “amateurish” but the end result of the video is quite professional.

The director music company handling the music of the film “Three” has gone on record to say that this track with be part of a music album, and it will be released shortly and the CD will cost 199 rupees. They have also indicated that an original female version of the kolaveri di song will also be released. 

Watch the original version of Why this kolaveri di by Dhanush here.

The singer of this video has been named as MANPREET KAUR GILL


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