Performing a Marathi Lavani dance

 Whilst origins of Lavani could be retraced back to 1560s, it descended into importance during the by and by days of the Peshwa rule. A lot of famous Marathi Shahir folk singers, that include Ram Joshi (1762–1812), Anant Fandi (1744-1819), Honaji Bala (1754-1844) , Prabhakar (1769-1843) and Lok Shahir Annabhau Sathe (1 August 1920 - 18 July 1969) bestowed importantly for the evolution of this genre of Marathi music. Honaji Bala brought in tabla in place of the conventional dholki. He in addition to formulated the baithakichi Lavani, a sub musical style, that is exhibited by the vocalist in the sitting posture.



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