Marathi language is a hybrid language combining the Indo-Egyptian, Indo-Iranian, and Indo-Aryan. It is spoken not only in India but also in Mauritius. It is estimated that a population of seventy million people speak Marathi as their native tongue and another twenty million people speaks it as their second language. Marathi is ranked as the fifteenth language in all the languages spoken in the world. The writing system firmly follows two types of scripting Devanagiri and Modi scripting. This Indo-Aryan language dates back to 1000CE. It is considered one of the very oldest languages of the Indo-Aryan people, that is, it is about 1300 years older.

Demographic Specifications of the Marathi Language
Marathi speaking people are spread along many other borders other than India and Mauritius. Some of them are US, UAE, South Africa (near the coastal regions of Indian Ocean), Pakistan, Israel, Singapore and the list goes on to many famous nations in the world. Israel is considered the third largest nation speaking Marathi after India and Mauritius. The main reason for such diversity is the trade and commerce. Even inside India, they have been diversified in many states. In South India Marathi, speaking people are present in Tamil Nadu. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and in North India they have been diversified in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa and Gujarat. Marathi is an official language in the state of Maharashtra and in the union territories of Dadra Nagar Haveli and Diu-Daman.

Talk Now! MarathiMarathi Linguistic Specific Features
Marathi language is widely used in movies and musical dramas. They are involved highly in academics and several scholars have written wide range of literature treatises in Marathi. 'Sangeet Natak' is considered as one of the best entertainment they have in the state. Literature becomes beautiful when filled with Marathi. Several scholars give out lectures during spring in Marathi and this is called as Vasant Vyakhyanmala. Several magazines and letters are displayed during festivals and spring.

Origin of Marathi

Marathi derived itself from the original vernacular language the Prakrit that in turn was derived from Sanskrit. After the invasion of Moghuls (Mongols) all over the world, the influence of Arab, Urdu and Persian influenced Marathi to look more like Hindi. Moghul invasion in India made Marathi people to have a different dialect and to have different new words being indulged in the Marathi language this later seems very similar to Hindi.

After several written evidences and manuscripts, it has been proven that Marathi dates back to the 8th century though there is not enough evidence to support this.


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