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Marathi movies have the honour and pride of making the India’s first silent movie named Raja Harishchandra. The Marathi 'Sangeet Nataks' in Maharashtra was the source of making this silent film. A crew from Maharashtra who worked in Sangeet Natak lead by Dadasaheb Phalke directed this film raja Harishchandra. History of the Marathi films starts from silent movies to the recent film technological movies.

Period of Silent Movie

Marathi movies are the ancient lords of both the Indian cinema and the Pakistani cinema. Dadasaheb Phalke made the first Marathi movie and in fact the first Indian movie during the Pre-independence time. The great moving pictures came to existence in bondage India and portrayed the great ethical and historical character Raja Harishchandra. Thus, Marathi movies took the first initiative to bring into limelights the morals and principles of ancient India and history. After the first film, several attempts were made in the Marathi film industry, though there were only a few members, it soon grew to be a big industry in India and in fact, the first film industry in history. Baburao Mistry formed the great Maharashtra Film Co and created the most important film Sairandhari. Maratha film industry focused mainly on costumes, sets and painting. They added value to the epic films and created great interest for sets and costumes in people mind. For more than a few years it was only visual because Marathi filmmaker felt that audio might make the visual seem less important and they felt that visual is more than enough to convey any amount of knowledge to people.

Revolution of Audio in Film Industry
After the adventure of audio in film industry, several unions rose all over India to start integrating audio in films. Though initially it was estimated that this might reduce the importance of visual; later people understood that audio could add real liveliness to the films created. The Prabhat film company was long developed and it was one of the few best film companies during that time. It worked in the film Sant Tukaram that won the Best Film Award and his film was the first Indian film to bag this award. The next great Marathi film Shyamchi Aai won the National Awards as well the Gold Medal from the Indian President.

The golden era of the Marathi film industry was after all the national awards that it bagged. Lot of technological advances in the film industry was made after the audio innovation. The Marathi film became greater than all other films because they naturally had music and art in their visualizations and audio.
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