Marathi Folk Music

Me MarathiMarathi folk music is the song of work and joy with many forms like Bhangra, Lavani and Dandiya. Lavani is one of the best Marathi folk music. Though it is said that the improvised musical instruments and the pop music have left the folk music behind several yards, none of this is true. The importance and the popularity of the folk songs have not changed over time and they have proved to have significant growth after several researchers from foreign turned towards Mumbai to analyse their culture and the Marathi folk music. It became very famous right from the trading age. The porters at the harbour and the people in the rural areas would sing them once in awhile when they feel very tired. This has always amused the foreign travellers.
The source of music in Marathi folk music would be sticks or another easily available material that could produce tingling music making people tap their feet. As folk music is mostly the movement or dance inclined, the energy would be two fold than that of the normal music.

 Bhavageete: This is a poem written out of emotions, be it love, hatred, anger or slavery. The poem deeply depicts the pain and pleasure of the heart that writes it. It could also be the over-whelming emotions of the mind by looking at the nature or some scenery.

Bhangra: Bhangra is one of the very famous and world-renowned music that shipped away from Mumbai to world trade centres. As Bhangra richly involved dance movements, it attracted several people easily than that of the other folk music.

Lavani: This is one of the best Marathi folk music ever. The female singer usually sings it in accordance to express her happiness. This might sometimes be sung by male, but for tradition, it is always female singers.
Dandiya: Dandiya is another famous music that is dance-oriented. This has also very well spread all over the world. Dandiya dance is very famous with the stick with which they dance. On the day before dancing Dandiya, they would decorate all their sticks with colour bands and then start dancing with lights flashing different colours after reflecting from the sticks.

Marathi music extends much more than the above-mentioned list. All of them have their origin in the rural India. Rural women and men sing out of their joy and sorrow to avoid their concentration on the work they do. They believe that they might forget the work stress and indulge in signing group songs. It is true that Marathi folk music have proved wonderful for all people.



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