Indian Folk Songs

Indian folk songs possess rich history. Immensely popular all across the country, these songs truly represent the cultural diversity of India. A rustic manifestation of the grand Indian civilization, these songs have spellbinding variety. Indian civilization boasts of extremely diverse culture. Every region in India has different music culture. That explains the unbounded assortment of folk styles found in India. Every state in India has its own typical style of folk music. Often misconstrued as tribal music, Indian folk songs are altogether different thing. Folk music has fun and celebration at its root. This involves no formal training and most of the famous folk singers in India have learned this art on their own.

Folk Song from South IndiaFolk Music Of IndiaFolk Song from South India

Though folk music does not involve any formal teaching, people in rural India learn it from their environment. Through these songs they celebrate their life. One visit to rural India and people can find plethora of folk songs suitable for every occasion. Whether it is engagements, marriages, births or festivals, folk music offers incredible range for every event. One of the most common sights is villagers singing songs during the time of planting, cropping and harvesting. Those songs represent their optimism and hope for better agricultural results. Even in Indian movies, these songs have been used. Typical engagement or marriage scene essentially involves folk songs. These Indian folk songs give a familiar and friendly feeling to the actual event.

Folk musicians primarily use drums in their music. Most of these drums are not refined instruments. Most common musical instruments used are; Dholak, Nal, Daf, Saringda, Ektar, Dotar, Rabab, Santur, Bansuri, Kartal, Chimpta, Ghungharu, Magadi Vina, Pung, Khol, Naggada, Shankh etc. Interesting thing is, few of the instruments are used in single folk style depending upon particular regions. These instruments are made up of ordinary substances by the musicians themselves. All these factors give a certain charm and rustic appeal to the tradition of Indian folk songs.

Today even the latest hindi songs of Bollywood has an element of folk in it. Hindi songs lyrics and folk music together add a lot of value to the song.
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