The Great Marathi Music

Maharashtra has its own tradition and culture. Songs and dramas are some of the few art elements that best depict the culture and tradition of such a renowned state. The Marathi music best portrays the lifestyle of people in Maharashtra. As already knownMaharashtra is the queen of arts with numerous renowned excavations, temples, mosques and many more, adding to its beauty of the Marathi music.

There are three great characteristics of the Marathi music, live music, nimble lyrics and versatility of its mixture with tradition. The soul-stirring music and the heart-striking lines have merged to give a stunning performance in ears. Marathi music is for entertainment, spirituality and for peace.

Marathi Music 

Like all other arts, Marathi music also came through several stages of development. During the initial times, the music is all folk songs as there were limited knowledge about music and latest musical instruments were absent. Hence with only the basic music instruments basic Marathi music was focused on lyrics and limited music. However, later different genres were developed with different new sounds producing musical instruments. Various advancements in technology have proved worthy to give a pleasant experience to the music lovers. At present Bollywood rocks with the music ever combined with the dance movements choreographed equally to compete with the music. They act as counterpart of each other.

As Marathi film industry was the first to evolve it soon involved Marathi music to bring out emotional situations like family sentiments and love songs. All of them were initially words with little music, later this turned to be big blockbusters screeching the theatre screens. The very famous singer Lata Mangeshkar has sung several Marathi songs. Her several songs have cast a spell among the viewers and listeners in such a way that they can never deplete away from the earth. The shrill of her voice and lyrics of Marathi seems to be extra-ordinarily beautiful and that would be seemingly visible to even a person who does not know Marathi.

Other famous singers of Marathi songs include Ramlaxman, Dinnanth Mangeshkar, Sonu Nigam, Kanhopatra Kinikar and this list goes very long with every contributor’s name. Each of them equally and especially important to have contributed the best to the Marathi music.

Marathi songs vary from hip-hops to jazz, from Carnatic to pop and they have excelled in all of these giving fierce competitions to the fellow languages. Marathi songs have flourished both in the state and out of it.

Marathi Folk Song - Navari Natali - Khandoba
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