Enjoy the Vibrant and Versatile Marathi Songs

Marathi songs depict the true nature of the culture and tradition followed in Maharashtra. This Indian state is known for its exquisitely crafted caves, forts, and palaces along with rich festivals and vibrant music.

Marathi music is recognized for its liveliness, versatility, and vibrancy that plays and influential role in the life of people living in the state. The distinct chord, astounding music, and the amazing lyrics strike every human heart and stir every soul. It is also known for spreading humanity, love, and spirituality.

In the early days, Marathi songs were restricted to certain musical instruments and few specific types but over the period of time, the genre has witnessed various advancements and improvements. New experiments are done using advanced instruments and technology whilst preserving the richness of traditional value that the songs deliver. In the present day, these songs also showcase the influence from western music and traces of music from the Bollywood that prevails in the state.

Marathi music industry is truly blessed with some of the most talented and outstanding music artists. The Indian nightingale Lata Mangeshkar has also sung various Marathi songs that have deeply touched the depth of every heart leaving a lasting impression. Some of the other outstanding singers who have contributed in the significant growth of this musical genre are Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Jatin Lalit, Ramlaxman, Ashok Patki, Milind Ingle, Dinnanath Mangeshkar, Rahul Deshpande, Sonu Nigam, Ram Marathe, Vaishali Samant, Kanhopatra Kinikar, and Pt. Jaggannath.

These singers and along with iconic lyricists and composers have shown remarkable contribution in the field. Some of the most popular Marathi songs that form a hot list are apsara aalo, jiv ranga, tu yena priye, ye ishq, pori tu kamal, jantar mantar ratila, vithala konata zendu, nusate nusate dole bharatana, aehuk padli thingi, sutalela ambada, de Dhaka, checkmate title song, sang ukase priya me, bakula namedo ghotale, and many more.

This long and unending list of soothing Marathi songs are continuously showing moderations and changes to suit the taste of present day youth. Nowadays, these songs are available in various formats like hip hop, rap, rock, and jazz styles. The charm of these songs is unique and the entire breed is deeply appreciated by many people in and around the state as well as the country.


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