State of Maharashtra

State of Maharashtra is one of the populous states in India. With its capital Mumbai as the main trade centre of India, it holds thirty-five districts. It has given several good political leaders for India. The culture and tradition of Maharashtra have taught its kids the moral and ethics of the work and responsibility they undertake. Maharashtra is present in the peninsular India extending her borders wide and deep toward the western coast of Arabian Sea. It covers the largest area of harbour where the major trade occurs. Hence, it is considered as one of the greatest trading centres of the world. Its name deciphers to give us a meaning that it is a great nation.

 Apart from being the most populous nation in the country, it is also the best financial yielding state ion the country. The trade and the industries present in Maharashtra have yielded the best foreign exchange for India. It is second largest in population and third largest in area. Marathas were long residing in this state and it was during the 17thcentury the Marathas ruled the region. The Maratha Empire was ruled by the famous historical figure Chhatrapati Shivaji. He rose against the Moghuls who ruled the state until then. Even after defeating the Moghuls to take hold of the state his action could not rest due to the constant resistance from Britain. This lead to the Anglo-Maratha war. After the British colonization, there was a long waged war between them and the Maratha, who were strong and never giving away their nation to the foreigner. They were sturdy in such a way that the Britain people feared to proceed.

The main reason that Britain wanted to conquer the state of Maharashtra is its wealth in the trade and commerce area. Apart from the trade and commerce, art works also attracted the British people in great amount and hence they felt that holding this state and the Mumbai city would be equal to holding the entire country. After independence, several areas were protected in Maharashtra. All the wild life sanctuaries earned great revenue apart from protecting the best species in the world. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Navegaon National Park and Pench National Park are some of the best national parks available in the world. It is well known that Mumbai is the primary point of finance in Maharashtra, and in Mumbai it is Nariman Point, that is famous for finance flow.

Why This Kolaveri Di Female Version Singer Name

The sizzling Manpreet Kaur Gill - the singer of "why this kolaveri di"
The Song called why this kolaveri di has become an internet craze not just in Tamil Nadu where the song originated but across the whole of India. The music video has crossed 25 million hits in less than a month and still going strong. The song is part of the Tamil movie called “Three” and it was written/sung by Dhanush and composed by Anirudh. Within a day of its release the song became one of the most widely seen videos on the internet.

The video is nothing more than a studio gathering of the makers of the movie “Three” where director Aishwarya (Rajnikants daughter), Dhanush (the actor), beautiful and multi-talented Shruti Hasan (daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika), Anirudh (composer of the song) are practicing the song in a rough version. It is claimed that the song was written in 6 minutes and composed in 20. It could well have been as the lyrics are simple and makes no sense at all. However the song has done extremely well to say the least and the makers have become superstars. They have placed Tamil movies on the Bollywood map reserved for only Hindi movies.

Kolaveri girl - Manpreet Kaur Gill
They are not the only ones who have become famous, there are others who have imitated the song and produced their own versions. There are children of famous Bollywood singer’s singing the song, there are women dancing on the tune, there are numerous regional versions, there is an English version and there is even a “slap song”. Amidst all these various versions, one that comes out on top is an unofficial version of the song. It has been dubbed by many as the “female version of why this kolaveri di”. Her video has also claimed the fame to certain extent since it has managed to obtain about 5 million views.

Till recently, the relatively unknown band GigDad who kept the name of the female artist under tabs has revealed the name as Manpreet Kaur Gill. She is a Punjabi singer living in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The band does not claim to be professionals but seeing their level of singing expertise they have produced exceptionally decent videos. According the band, it took them 8 to 10 times tracks to get there, kept the bass line more deep and little louder than the original while the guitar riffs simple. According to them they have produced the female version overnight including the dubbing, the music and the editing of the video.

Manpreet is a beautiful girl with great singing and acting skills. She has done a tremendous job of the unofficial the female version of why this kolaveri di. 
Sharad Pawar slap song - You will like this one

Marathi Lavani

Marathi Lavni or Lavani (also known as sangeet bari) comes from the Sanskrit word Lavanya, which means beauty. Though Lavani is known today by its titillating lyrics superimposed with double meanings and attractive dance moves, few know that it developed from the devotional music customs of Maharashtra. A combination of shringar rasa and bhakti makes Lavani unique. This form of music became fashionable during the Mughal area. The Mughal armies were amused by this dance in areas that were under invasion or influence of the north. That also explains the influence of Kathak on Lavni.

Lavani is also performed by Dhangars or sheepherders of Sholapur district of Maharashtra. The poems are composed by the Dhangras acquires its inspiration by nature consisting of stories of the birth of their diety, Biruba. In these Lavani songs, chants are used to fill the gaps between words within the melodious sounds. The maanch or the stage is decorated for the performance of the Lavani and goes on for the entire night. At the end of the Lavani performance, a replica of Manmathas mount is burnt.

It was this art of seduction through dances and musicals that found true patronage with the Peshwas in the 18th century. That was when attractive dancing women could make the rich and the elite drool at their feet. Many historians are of the view that the later Peshwas’ love of Lavani played an important role in ending the Maratha Empire in 1818. However, Lavni continued with the masses. Poets and shahirs continued to compose some of the most versatile Lavnis with everyday humour and wit.

The height period for Lavni finished with the decline of the Peshwas in the early 19th century. With imperial support over, in the following century Lavni moved to the “kothas” (brothels) in the Marathwada and Pune regions. Banished by the civilized and wealthy, it was no longer conceived honorable to be a Lavni lover. 

Why This Kolaveri Di Song Download

"Why This Kolaveri Di Song Download"
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Why This Kolaveri Di mp3

To listen 
why this kolaveri di song

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"Why This Kolaveri Di Song"

The song “why this kolaveri di” has made history as one of the most watched videos on YouTube. It has made more than 20 million hits and still going strong. The song has almost an anthem for the youth in India. This song has been such a huge success that people are demanding more of this song. The song makes it as one of the most desirable downloads to date surpassing songs such as “munni badnam hui” from the movie Dabangg. There is also a demand for downloadables such ring tones and regional versions of the song. It has made it into the top 5 mobile downloads with the likes of photos of Katrina Kaif. Rintones, female versions, regional versions, remixes; why this kolaveri is now a major hit and are being downloaded and there is a huge demand for downloads.

The reasons for a great demand for this song are that the song has simple lyrics and a great tune. The song has been a success that many are trying to understand why this music track is such a hit amongst the people of India. Interesting things about this song is that the song has been liked by not Just Tamil speakers but by people across India and beyond. Dhaush who wrote “why this kolaveri di” in 6 minutes and Anirudh who composed the song in just 20 minutes, have become overnight stars. Although, Dhanush was known in South India no one had heard of him in the north. This song of him has made him into a superstar so much so that Bollywood heavy weights such as Amitabh Bachchan has liked and tweeted his about his song. There is no surprise that people want to download this song be on their computers or their mobiles phones. The original version of why this kolaveri di.

Sharad Pawar Slap Song

Why this Kolaveri Di by Harvinder Singh
"Why this Kolaveri Di by Harvinder Singh", "Sharad Pawar"
Our very own agriculture minister from Maharashtra who also happens to be the ICC chief got slapped in the face by an auto driver called Harvinder Singh. While Mr Pawar was happily climbing the stairs of a government building, Mr Singh came and a give him a piece of his mind. Mr Pawar was obviously troubled by the attack but seemed to continue walking.

Mr Singh was frustrated by the rising corruption, scandals and inflation in the country. Who can actually blame him? There was a huge cry over in the Indian parliament over this. Politicians from all parties condemned the attack. Unfortunately when people of India get slapped by the politicians (scams) or terror attacks, or farmer suicides; these very politicians don’t give a dam about it. This cannot be the right way to oppose. But I suppose many wouldn't care if Mr Pawar is slapped by an auto driver, after all he has been playing cricket with the country’s farmers and consumers for some time.

Funny thing is that a spoof “Sharad Pawar Slap Song” using the lyrics of the “why this kolaveri di” song has been created. 

Marathi Wedding Ceremony - Marathi Matrimony

There is a saying, "Marriages are made in heaven” and it is the Marathi culture that makes it true for sure. The rituals followed in the Marathi wedding have their own importance to make sure that marriages are performed for the healthy living by both mind and body. Marriages in Maharashtra have always been special. They have been the most grandiose festivals in the state. The entire wealth earned over the years of a man would be to spend during his daughter’s marriage. There are a few things bound in the marriage rituals of Indians. All these together recognize the vital ritual to be the best for two hearts to meet.

Maharashtra is the third largest state in the world and it tops as one of the most populous country in the world. The colorful state has colorful customs celebrating the marriage between two. The entire state’s major populations are the people who speak Marathi and hence the entire state follows the same customs or the rituals. As already said, marriage is a religious event too and hence it happens before Idols of God.

Pre-Marriage ceremony:

1. Before even the marriage is fixed, the horoscope of the boy and girl should match to ensure that none of the celestial bodies interfere in their lives. It is considered essential for a lifelong well-being of the pair. It is estimated that at least 90% of the boy and girl horoscope should math each other. Even the discussions about marriage will not proceed further.

2. Once the horoscopes match, the two families exchange sugar and fruits to ensure a formal engagement. This event is called as the Sakhar Puda.

3. Wang Nischay is the formal engagement after the Sakhar Puda. Prayers and blessings are given from both the family to the bride and bridegroom.

4. Haldi Chadawat is another interesting event where the turmeric past with mango leaves soaked are smeared on the skin of the bride to ensure the wedding glow.

Marriage Ceremony:

1.      Every pooja in India starts with the Ganapathy Homam and this is performed on the day of marriage.

2.      Later welcoming bridegroom is a great event where people dance before his riot and he would come either in a chariot or in a big car attracting h entire mob. Once the groom reaches the marriage hall, the parents of the bride should wash his feet, give him gifts, and then welcome him to the stage.

3.      Gowri-har pooja is another pooja after the invitation to the groom. In between breakfast would be done and people would assemble for the main event.
After the Gowri-har pooja marriage is happily performed by the bride’s maternal uncle after all the ritual recitations are done.

Marathi wedding song

Why this kolaveri di - Female Version

It has been approximately 2 weeks since Sony international (India) brought out the “why this Kolaveri di” song on YouTube. At the start, the song was like any other ordinary song with normal hits. However once it was shared by a few on social networking sites, it went viral on Facebook and twitter. Since folks love to share things with their friends there was no stopping. Today the song has reached 10 million views on YouTube and is still counting. Some say that the popularity of the track has to be attributed to the clever marketing technique applied by the music company; whatever the case maybe, the people of India seems to have liked the song very much.

Why this kolaveri di has been written and sung by Dhanush who is also the son-in-law of famous Tamil actor Rajnikant and the composer of the song is Anirudh. The original video released by Sony Entertainment shows the makers of the movie “Three” singing a rough version of the song in a studio. No one knows why the music became one of the most successful songs ever made by a region film industry. The song has even featured on MTV India and has played on major Indian radio stations across India. Many Indian celebrities have liked and commented on the song.

Many wannabe bands and solo artists have made their own versions of the Why this kolaveri di. Major social networking and video sharing sites are full of the copycat versions of the song. Although they may have copied the tune, it does take a lot of talent to copy or even plagiarize it. It’s not as if it’s a copy and paste job, since to make new song or even copy someone’s voice takes latent. One particular video that has done very well as far as remaking the music is concerned is by “Gidgdad” music. They have a Facebook page however their domain name redirects to a parked page. They have released an unofficial female version of the song.  

This unofficial Female version of the “why this kolaveri di” song has also become very popular among those who liked the original male version. No wonder the number of hits on YouTube has reached over 1 million. Although the female singer is unknown, she has done a very good job of singing the original Why this kolaveri di. The female shown in the video too has made a very good attempt to mimic exactly what Dhanush did in the original video. Surprisingly the facial expressions have been kept intact. In addition, it is not known if the female actor is the original singer or not. The musicians in the video are slightly “amateurish” but the end result of the video is quite professional.

The director music company handling the music of the film “Three” has gone on record to say that this track with be part of a music album, and it will be released shortly and the CD will cost 199 rupees. They have also indicated that an original female version of the kolaveri di song will also be released. 

Watch the original version of Why this kolaveri di by Dhanush here.

The singer of this video has been named as MANPREET KAUR GILL

Why This Kolaveri Di

Although this song is not in Marathi, most of the lyrics are in English and some words in Tamil. It is worth mentioning that is a song that has been just released and has become very popular not only in the Tamil Nadu but throughout India. It has been playing on several radio stations in Mumbai and many cities in Maharashtra.

Lavani - Piklya Panacha Deth Ki Ho Hirwa - Darshana Shedge

Spurred by the success of lavani-based programs, Marathi theater are at present awash with alike programs with small variants. Amongst them include Laakhat Dekhani, Chauphula, Navrangi Naar, Natrangi Naar and the recently founded Rang Udhalu Chala.

One of the numerous ethnic music particulars was the erotic form of ‘shringarik lavani’ or the titillating lavani. Although vastly hot among rustic Marathi men, the lavani performing artists were considered as of low position in the community and were sometimes ostracised by reputable Maharashtrian families.

Marathi Lavani Songs - Natale Tumchyasaathi

Natale Tumchyasaathi - Behind the Adorned Veil (A film about Lavani)
The countryfied appealingness of lavani was adopted by Marathi films in the sixties. Hit cinemas like Sangtye Aika founded on the biography of tamasha legend Hansa Wadkar and redid by Shyam Benegal in Hindi as Bhumika, set a vogue of tamasha based movies that survived till the nineties. During this time period, the Marathi films popularized a lot of lavani songs voiced by the greats of Asha Bhonsle, thumri proponent Shobha Gurtu and Usha Mangeshkar.
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